eTMF Expert Panel Expert Panel Members are listed below.

The Expert Panel members have deep domain area expertise in one or more of the following domain areas:

  • Clinical Trial Management
  • BioPharma Research and Development
  • Clinical Trial Regulatory Document Management
  • Document Management Systems for Clinical Trials
  • Content Management Systems for Clinical Trials
  • Enterprise Application Design and Development
  • Semantic technologies
  • Library Classification Systems
  • Database Design and Development

Anyone from the community can be nominated for consideration to the Expert Panel.  In order to be considered for nomination, please register as a member on's discussion forum.  There you will complete your profile and contact information.  Nomination for consideration by the Expert Panel is based on your domain area expertise as well as your contributions to the community in the discussion forums.







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Dan Lee

Credentials: B.S. Biology, Ph.D. in Pharmacology
Employment:  Wyeth, Peking University
Specialization:  R&D








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Catherine M. Schmidt

Credentials:  BS Environmental Toxicology, MBA
Employment:  SterlingBio CEO, Novartis, Syntex
Specialization:  Domain expert in Clinical Trial Management








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Zachariah Schmidt

Credentials:  BS Electronics & Computer Science, MBA
Employment: SureClinical, SterlingBio, Siebel, Oracle, Adobe
Specialization:  Healthscience Systems, BioInformatics Technologies








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Ramandeep Singh

Credentials: B.S. Chem Eng, PH.D., Computer Science
Employment:  Infosys, AIIM
Specialization: Health Science Systems and Software







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